Traxxas Slash 2wd Front Skid Plate – Gray


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Quick Notes:
– extra screw location strengthens front end of the truck and prevents bellcranks from popping out
– designed and guaranteed to fit a stock Traxxas Slash 2wd chassis and chassis components
– replaces the front skid plate from Traxxas #5837

Quick Links:
– available in Black, Blue & Gray
– matching Rear Skid Plate also available
– matching Front Bumper also available


RPM front skid plates for the Traxxas Slash 2wd are designed using the same principles we used when creating our Slash rear skid plates. Our ultimate goals were to create a front skid plate that simplified maintenance, improve durability and improve the appearance of the truck. these skid plates far exceeded those goals!

The RPM front skid plate features a new bell crank mounting system that eliminates the need to remove the bell crank every time the front skid plate is removed. We accomplished this goal by using a pair of posts that press into the chassis of the truck and another pair of posts molded into the skid plate. This sandwiches the bell crank between the skid plate and chassis and supports both the upper and lower portions of the bell crank, reducing steering slop and giving a more precise feel to the steering system. This system simplifies maintenance and eliminates the annoying problem of the bell crank screws popping out of the chassis support holes after an impact to the front end.

Our front skid plate also uses a triangulated chassis mounting system that uses a support post in the center of the skid plate to bolt up to a pre-existing hole in the stock Traxxas chassis. This third hole not only adds some serious strength and durability, it adds some much needed structural support to the bell cranks.

As a final touch, we recessed the screw heads of the front two flat head mounting screws deeper than the stock skid plates to help reduce damage to the screw heads.

RPM front skid plates for the Traxxas Slash are sold in three color options just like the rear – black, blue and gray color which is designed to blend in with the stock Traxxas gray colors of the chassis, bulkheads & transmission.

Tech Notes: RPM skid plates are designed for and only guaranteed to fit a stock Traxxas Slash chassis and chassis components.

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