Wide Front Bumper for the Associated B6 & B6D


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Quick Notes:
– full 4-1/2″ (114mm) wide
– 1-1/2″ (38mm) extension in front of the chassis
– 45° front kick angle
– hangs more than .02″ (0.5mm) below the chassis for chassis protection
– weighs only 10.5g.
– replaces stock Associated #91685.

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Mini Front Bumper also available


Everyone knows the Team Associated B6 & B6D is a racing machine but you can’t always hit the track to do your testing and, admit it, you know you like to drive it everywhere! When you’re off the track and want a bit more front-end protection than what the stock (or even the RPM Mini Front BumperRPM #81352) can provide, we have the solution – the RPM Wide Front Bumper. This bumper provides the maximum amount of protection you can get with a minimum amount of weight. Each bumper spans a full 4-1/2” (114mm.) and extends in front of the chassis by 1.5” (38mm.) on a 45° angle. Each RPM B6 & B6D Front Bumper also extends below the level of the chassis by 0.02” (.5mm) to help reduce the amount of scuffing and damage taken to the front of the stock aluminum chassis plate.

RPM Wide Front Bumpers for the B6 & B6D are extremely lightweight, weighing in at a meager 10.5 grams. RPM bumpers are super tough and the most durable and impact-absorbing bumpers on the market. Each bumper is also backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Protect that awesome race machine with a proven performer.

Tech Notes: RPM Front Bumpers for the Associated B6 & B6D replace stock Associated #91685.

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