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Revo True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion Kit
RPM Revo True-Track Conversion KitThe RPM True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion Kit for the Revo eliminates some of the biggest headaches associated with toe link rear ends. Rear toe angles are nearly impossible to set accurately and there isn't a gauge currently made that can accurately identify whether each individual wheel’s toe angle is set correctly in relation to the chassis. The RPM True-Track rear end kit completely eliminates the rear toe links, locking in the rear toe angle at a solid 1.5 degrees per side for a total rear toe-in angle of 3 degrees. By getting rid of the rear toe links, we’veRPM Revo True-Track Conversion Kit - Black completely eliminated all rear bump steer! That means the rear toe angle remains consistent throughout the entire range of suspension travel, providing superior rear end tracking regardless of the terrain. Identical to our T/E-Maxx True-Track Kit, the Revo True-Track Kit retains the stock upper pivot ball in the new, ultra beefy RPM axle carrier to allow precise camber adjustments while the lower pivot ball has been eliminated in favor of a rock-solid 4mm diameter hinge pin that locks in the rear toe angles for race winning consistency RPM Revo True-Track Conversion Kit - Blue(hinge pin replacement part #80970). All aspects of the RPM True-Track Conversion Kit have been beefed up for rugged durability and slop free movement throughout its range of travel. Additionally, we’ve incorporated our oversized bearings into the new RPM axle carrier design, providing an additional 2mm more bearing contact with the axle while doubling the bearing load rating & tripling the fatigue rating over the stock bearings.

So does all this come at a cost of added weight? The RPM Revo True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion Kit actually weighs LESS than the stock components it replaces! How much less? 16 grams PER SIDE! That’s a total weight loss of 32 grams or 1-1/8 ounces! That means you get perfect rear toe angles, added A-arm strength, bearings that are more durable & longer lasting, an unbeatable breakage warranty and a reduction in weight! What more can anyone ask for?Stock vs. RPM Bearing Comparison  

"Bump Steer" Defined: So what is "bump steer"? Bump steer is a change in the wheel's toe angle caused by the suspension moving up or down. Bump steer is inherent to the geometry of the suspension and steering system, and has nothing to do with turning the steering wheel. The effect of bump steer is for the wheel to toe-in or toe-out when the suspension moves up or down. This toe change or “steering” occurs any time the suspension moves, whether it is from body roll, brake-dive, or hitting a bump in the road. Bump steer is undesirable because the suspension is steering the car instead of the driver.

Bump steer is most common on the front end of R/C vehicles due to the unavoidable use of a tie rod to allow the vehicle to steer. Vehicles with a toe link rear end such as the Revo also have a similar amount of bump steer in the rear because the axle carrier isn't locked in a fixed position and is constantly being pushed and pulled by the toe link as the suspension moves up and down. This doesn't account for the slop in the rod ends of the toe link either, which causes even more toe angle changes. See for yourself. Look down at your vehicle from the top and compress the suspension. See what happens to the rear toe angle? Each wheel changes by at least a degree or two, which can be quite significant. Now imagine that amount of movement while your suspension arms are moving independently from each other and you'll understand why the True-Track kit is such an effective tool to dramatically improve suspension performance.

What’s Included: Our Revo True-Track Rear End Kit consists of two upper rear A-arms, two lower rear A-arms, two beefy rear axle carriers, two outer 6x15mm sealed bearings, two inner 12x21mm sealed bearings, two aluminum pivot ball setscrews, two delrin pivot ball bushing cups, two M3x16mm shock mount screws, two 4mm diameter tool steel hinge pins & enough e-clips to get the job done (4 minimum).

RPM Recommendations: The RPM True-Track System is designed to match RPM A-arms (Part #80212 & #80215 - Right Side & #80222 & #80225 - Left Side) & Axle Carriers (#80582 & #80585 - 1 package needed) currently available for the Revo. With the True-Track system mounted at the rear and a set of RPM replacement A-arms & Axle Carriers up front, you are assured the best performing & most indestructible A-arm / Axle Carrier combination possible!

To prolong the life of your bearings, RPM recommends the use of our #81170 Bearing Blaster. For accurate camber adjustments, please consider the use of our #70950 Monster Camber Gauge.

Tech Notes: These rear end kits work on all versions of the Traxxas Revo, including the e-Revo and e-Revo brushless but depending upon the version, may shorten the wheelbase of the truck. One kit will complete the entire rear end of any Revo. These kits will not work in conjunction with Traxxas (#5356) 120-LT Long Travel Rockers. Due to the wide lower A-arm hinge pin configuration, some aftermarket wheels - in particular, 3.2" beadlock wheels, may not work with RPM True-Track kits. Check with the manufacturer of your aftermarket wheels before installing this kit.

Replacement Parts: If new bearings are needed, please see the replacement bearing kit #80570 shown with our Revo axle carriers below. New setscrews and bushing caps - RPM #80010 can be found on our T-Maxx pages here.

80562 Revo True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion Kit - Black
80565 Revo True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion Kit - Blue

#8056_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail Price  $49.95

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Revo, T-Maxx 2.5R / 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8V / Brushless Edition Axle Carriers
(Includes oversized bearings, carriers, & setscrews)
(fits all versions of the Traxxas Revo and Slayer)
Blue Revo Axle CarriersRPM axle carriers for the Traxxas Slayer, Revo, T-Maxx 2.5R, T-Maxx 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8 have been painstakingly redesigned to improve the durability, strength, and reliability of these much-abused parts. Check out this laundry list of features built into each set of RPM Revo carriers:

Axle Carriers:

  • Stock replacement – no modifications are needed to bolt them in.

  • Larger bearing bores accept RPM oversized bearings.

  • Included in each kit are two 15mm bearings and two 21mm bearings.

  • The wall thickness around the pivot-balls has been increased by 40% - eliminating split walls!

  • More than 20% more material supports the pivot-balls, preventing them from pulling through.

  • Redesigned reinforcing rib supporting the tie rod mount.

  • Redesigned boot lock tabs making removal of the silicone boots easier.

  • Press-fit bearings in the carrier means reduced movement of the axle in the carrier.

Oversized Bearings:

  • Outer bearings are 6x15x5mm (stock is 6x12x4mm).

  • Inner bearings are 12x21x5mm (stock is 12x18x4mm).

  • Wider bearings create an additional 2mm of contact with the axle for smoother, longer running performance.RPM Bearing Comparison v. Stock

  • 3mm. larger bearings have balls a full 33% larger than stock!

  • The load ratings of RPM oversized bearings are double that of stock bearings and more than triple the fatigue rating of stock bearings as well!

Pivot-Ball Setscrews:

  • Two-piece design uses aluminum and Delrin for the ultimate in holding power under extreme situations.

  • Our aluminum setscrews reduce movement of the pivot-balls in the carrier.

  • Our Delrin bushing caps have more than twice the contact area on the pivot-ball, keeping the pivot-balls locked in place at all times.

RPM Slayer, Revo, T-Maxx 2.5R, T-Maxx 3.3, E-Maxx 16.8 & E-Maxx Brushless edition axle carriers are sold with 1 left and 1 right axle carrier, 2 outer 15mm bearings, 2 inner 21mm bearings, 4 aluminum setscrews, 4 Delrin bushing capsBlack Revo Axle Carriers, and detailed instructions to help install them on your truck. Replacement bearing sets (#80570) come with 2 inner 21mm bearings & 2 outer 15mm bearings.

Tech Notes: Due to increased material to support the pivot balls from pulling through the carrier, RPM Axle Carriers will not work in conjunction with Slayer / Revo 120-LT Long Travel rockers (Traxxas #5356). These carriers will not fit older versions of the T-Maxx or E-Maxx.

RPM Recommendations: To prolong the life of your bearings, RPM recommends the use of our #81170 Bearing Blaster. For accurate camber adjustments, please consider the use of our #70950 Monster Camber Gauge.

80570 Revo & T/E-Maxx Replacement Oversized Bearing Set
80581 Slayer, Revo & T/E-Maxx Axle Carriers & Bearings - Dyeable White
80582 Slayer, Revo & T/E-Maxx Axle Carriers & Bearings - Black
80585 Slayer, Revo & T/E-Maxx Axle Carriers & Bearings - Blue 

#8058_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail Price
Axle Carriers, Bearings, & Setscrews - $34.95 / pair
Replacement Bearing Kit - $18.95 / set 

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Revo Upper & Lower Front & Rear A-arms
(fits all versions of the Traxxas Revo)
Revo Blue Rear A-armsRevo Blue Front A-arms





RPM Revo A-Arms are the only alternative to bulletproof performance that rivals any competition! Check out this laundry list of awesome features:

  • Nearly identical in weight to stock A-Arms

  • Redesigned for incredible durability under the toughest of conditions

  • Excess A-arm endplay has been eliminated for more accurate caster and toe angle settings

  • Angled leading and trailing edges eliminate dirt build-up

  • No low-hanging cross-braces or shock mounting areas providing better ground clearance

  • Massive shock rod mounting areas for improved rigidity

  • Available in black, blue, & dyeable white

  • Less than half the price of aluminum A-arms

  • Molded from our bulletproof blend of nylons and backed by our world renowned breakage warranty

Revo Black Front A-armsRevo Black Rear A-arms





Sold in sets of one upper and one lower A-arm.

Tech Note: The Traxxas Revo Requires one package of Left Front A-arms, one package of Right Front A-arms, and two packages of Rear A-arms to complete one entire truck.

80191 Rear A-arms - Dyeable White    
80192 Rear A-arms - Black    
80195 Rear A-arms - Blue    
80211 Front Right A-arms - Dyeable White    
80212 Front Right A-arms - Black    
80215 Front Right A-arms - Blue    
80221 Front Left A-arms - Dyeable White    
80222 Front Left A-arms - Black    
80225 Front Left A-arms - Blue    

#8019_, #8021_ & #8022_- Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail Price
Front A-arms - $14.95 / set
Rear A-arms - $12.95 / set

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