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RPM Dirty Danglers  

T-Maxx & E-Maxx Front Bulkheads  

T-Maxx & E-Maxx Rear Bulkheads  

Traxxas Long and Short Rod Ends  

Shock Shaft Guards for Traxxas 1/10th Scale Shocks  

T-Maxx #4907, #4908 & E-Maxx #3905, #3908 Skid Plate Sets  

T/E-Maxx True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion  

True-Track Replacement Hinge Pin Set  

Pivot Ball Setscrews  

2.5 & 2.5R Head Guard  

T/E-Maxx 1.5 & 2.5 Axle Carriers  

T/E-Maxx 2.5R, T-Maxx 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8 Axle Carriers  

T/E-Maxx 2.5R / 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8 A-arms  

T/E-Maxx Ft. & Rr. Bumpers  

Titan T/E-Maxx Wheels  

Monster Clawz Wheels  

T/E-Maxx Shock Tower & Body Mounts  

T/E-Maxx Long Body Mounts  

Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set  

T/E-Maxx 1.5, 2.5 & 2.5R Skid Plate Sets  

T-Maxx / E-Maxx 1.5 A-arms  

Bulkhead Braces  

Spring Clips  

Lower Spring Cups  

Two-Stage Shock Pistons  

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Traxxas Parts

T/E-Maxx Pivot Ball Setscrews & Bushing Caps
fits Traxxas T/E-Maxx Axle Carriers, & RPM Oversized Axle Carriers
- includes bearing spacers for the Associated MGT*

Pillow Ball Setscrews, Bushing Caps, & SpacersUntil now, the only way to replace damaged or worn out pivot ball setscrews and bushing caps was to purchase new pivot balls as well. This was quite costly and frustrating since rarely do the stock pivot balls wear out. Our pivot ball setscrews and bushing caps were designed to help reduce costs by nearly half and eliminate the need to buy unnecessary parts! These setscrews and bushing caps are direct replacement parts for stock Traxxas Axle Carriers and RPM Oversized Bearing Carriers.

Associated MGT owners: Stock MGT axle carriers have the same geometry as stock Traxxas T/E-Maxx carriers. The only differences between the two are in the thread size of the setscrews and the spacing between the bearings. This package takes care of those differences and allows Associated MGT owners to run RPM T/E-Maxx Oversized Bearing Carriers (#80031, #80032, #80035, & #80038) on their trucks. The small spacer is used between the two bearings in the axle carrier and the new RPM setscrews replace the stock MGT versions.

Tech Notes: RPM Pivot Ball Setscrews and Bushing Caps are packaged in sets (four setscrews, four bushing caps, and two axle spacers) enough to complete two bearing carriers. In order to complete all four corners of a truck, TWO packages must be purchased.

80010 Pivot Ball Setscrews, Bushings, & Spacers    

#80010 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail  $6.95

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T-Maxx & E-Maxx A-arms
(fits all E-Maxx Brushless Editions as well)

Blue T-Maxx 2.5R & 3.3 A-armsRPM
A-arms for the T-Maxx & E-Maxx are built to handle some serious abuse! We've redesigned these a-arms to compensate for the larger axle diameters of newer Maxx style trucks with axle clearance zones built right in, yet these clearance areas do not compromise the strength. These A-arms are lighter than ever before, yet still maintain all of the qualities that RPM customers have come to expect from RPM A-arms rugged durability, unrivaled performance, strength comparable to or better than many alloy A-arms, yetBlack T-Maxx 2.5R & 3.3 A-arms are lighter than those same alloy parts and pricing unbeatable by any other aftermarket A-arm set existing. All this and we back our A-arms with the best breakage warranty in the R/C industry!

We mold these A-arms in four different color choices, including a dyeable version for the ultimate in customization options and are sold in packages of one upper and one lower A-arm.

Purple T-Maxx 2.5R & 3.3 A-armsTech Notes: FOUR packages of RPM A-arms will be needed to complete one truck (alternately, TWO packages may be used when combined with the RPM True-Track Rear A-arm Kit).
These A-arms are compatible with all previous versions of both the T-Maxx and the E-Maxx. However, T-Maxx 1.5 owners will need to upgrade to the longer T-Maxx 2.5 turnbuckles and axles.

Please see our FAQ page for commonly asked questions regarding our A-arms.

80461  T-Maxx & E-Maxx A-arms - Dyeable White
80462  T-Maxx & E-Maxx A-arms - Black    
80465  T-Maxx & E-Maxx A-arms - Blue     
80468  T-Maxx & E-Maxx A-arms - Purple  

#8046_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail $11.95 - 1 upper & 1 lower A-arm

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T/E-Maxx Shock Tower & Body Mounts
(fits all versions of the T-Maxx & E-Maxx)

T/E-Maxx Front Shock Tower & Body MountsT/E-Maxx Rear Shock Tower & Body Mounts
When strength becomes an issue and breaking parts gets expensive, you can always count on RPM to come to the rescue! Broken shock towers and busted body mounts will be a thing of the past when you mount an RPM Shock Tower & Body Mount set on your T-Maxx or E-Maxx. These parts will take the most abusive punishment and come back for more! Check out all of these features weve incorporated into our Shock Tower and Body Mounts:

  • Dual mounting screws included for each body mount for the most incredibly rigid and toughest design ever!

  • Twist-Lock Design for the body mount cross braces that holds the braces in place without the use of extra screws!

  • Incorporated stress areas designed for maximum strength during those brutal crashes that would break weaker designs!

  • Built from RPMs bulletproof blend of nylons.

  • 100% guarantee* against breakage!

  • Can be used in either the front shock tower location or the rear shock tower location.

  • Available in three color choices - Black, Blue, & Purple.

Tech Notes: Each package includes ONE shock tower (which can be used in either the front or rear location on the truck), two body posts, one front cross brace, one rear cross brace, four 4-40 screws, four jam nuts, and complete installation instructions. TWO packages are needed to complete one vehicle.
RPM shock towers for the T/E-Maxx have a single shock mount position, identical to the original T/E-Maxx 1.5 design.

80162 Black Shock Tower & Body Mounts    
80165 Blue  Shock Tower & Body Mounts    
80168 Purple Shock Tower & Body Mounts  

#8016_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail  $16.95 set

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T-Maxx / E-Maxx Long Body Mounts

T/E-Maxx Long Body MountsWith the release of our shock tower and body mounts for the T/E-Maxx, we knew that there would be a strong demand for longer than stock mounts to simplify mounting SUV type bodies to the truck. Our Long Body Mounts are here! These mounts will only work with RPM Shock Towers (#80162, #80165, & #80168). They have all of the features of our standard length body mounts (sold in the shock tower sets), except they are 1-1/4" longer! Sold in pairs and available in black, blue, & purple.

Tech Notes: For use with RPM T/E-Maxx Shock Towers only.

80172 Black Long Body Mounts    
80175 Blue Long Body Mounts     
80178 Purple Long Body Mounts 

Suggested Retail  $5.95 / pair

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T/E-Maxx 1.5 Molded A-arms
Molded A-arms for the T-Maxx & E-Maxx!
Dyeable A-arms for the T-Maxx & E-Maxx!
The T-Maxx & E-Maxx trucks are tough, but add a set of RPM bulletproof nylon A-arms and you wont be able to get much tougher! Our A-arms are stronger than stock and much more durable than aluminum, not to mention, one heck of a lot less expensive! With RPM T-Maxx / E-Maxx A-arms, you can deck out your entire T-Maxx / E-Maxx at a fraction of the cost of aluminum while still gaining the strength and durability that stock arms just cant provide. Unlike aluminum A-arms, RPM arms will not bend out of shape. Weve built up our A-arms in all the right places to provide strength without compromise and awesome good looks like no other! Packaged with one upper A-arm and one lower A-arm. Now available in a dyeable white version as well! Please note: These arms are the original, shorter length A-arms. For T/E-Maxx 2.5 A-arms, please click here.

80261 Dyeable T/E-Maxx A-arms     Discontinued
80262 Black T/E-Maxx A-arms     Discontinued
80265 Blue T/E-Maxx A-arms     Discontinued
80268 Purple T/E-Maxx A-arms     Discontinued

Suggested Retail  $10.95 - 1 upper & 1 lower arm

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T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead Braces
(fits all versions of the T-Maxx & E-Maxx)
T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead BracesThe Bulkheads on the T-Maxx & the E-Maxx tend to break under impact due to lack of support. Thats why RPM has designed these braces to add much needed support by tying the bulkheads together. When the bulkheads are supported with our braces, not only will breakage of the bulkheads decrease, strength will be added to both the front & rear of the vehicle and much of the chassis flex attributed to bulkhead flex will be eliminated!. In addition, our front brace has been elongated to add dirt & debris protection for the front differential area. Eight, black 4-40 machine screws are included with these braces for the ultimate in strength! Available in three popular colors, Black, Blue, & Purple (all of which match our molded T-Maxx / E-Maxx A-arms perfectly). Sold with one front bulkhead brace and one rear brace in each package, as well as all necessary mounting hardware and instructions for proper mounting.


80152 T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead Braces - Black    
80155 T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead Braces - Blue     
80158 T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead Braces - Purple 

8015_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail  $8.95

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Quick Adjust Spring Clips
(fits most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale shocks)

Puple Quick Adjust Spring Clips
Accuracy is the key to a proper suspension setup. With RPMs clips, accuracy becomes as close to perfect as you can get! This set includes a full set (4 ea.) of four different thickness clips that snap around the shock body. With this set, you can set your shock collars once, and never touch them again! In addition, our spring clips are available in four colors, bold Black, Blue, Yellow, & Purple to match or contrast any paint or chassis color scheme!

70322  Quick Adjust Spring Clips for most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale Shocks - Black    
70325 Quick Adjust Spring Clips for most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale Shocks- Blue     
70327 Quick Adjust Spring Clips for most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale Shocks: Yellow - Discontinued
70328 Quick Adjust Spring Clips for most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale Shocks - Purple    

Suggested Retail $5.95

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Lower Spring Cups
(fits most Traxxas & Losi 1/10th scale shocks)
Lower Spring Cups - fit most Traxxas shocks
Our spring cups hold the base of the shock spring in place better than the stock parts and, because of our killer material, also tend to stay cleaner. In addition, coupled with the above mentioned spring clips, anyone can add a whole new dimension of color to their T-Maxx or E-Maxx! Nothing looks better than a complete suspension set-up dressed up with RPM team colors! RPM spring cups are available in Bold Black, Blue, Yellow, or Purple!

Tech Notes: RPM Lower Spring Cups are sold in sets of FOUR per package. TWO packages will be needed to complete one complete T/E-Maxx with eight shocks.

73152  Lower Spring Cups for most Losi & Traxxas 1/10th scale Shocks - Black
73155 Lower Spring Cups for most Losi & Traxxas 1/10th scale Shocks - Blue
73157 Lower Spring Cups for most Losi & Traxxas 1/10th scale Shocks - Yellow    
73158 Lower Spring Cups for most Losi & Traxxas 1/10th scale Shocks - Purple    

Suggested Retail  $2.95 / set of four

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Two Stage Shock Pistons (Med. - Heavy)
(fits most Traxxas, Associated & Losi 1/10th scale shocks)
Two Stage Shock Pistons (Medium - Heavy)
True performance lies in the ability to dial in your suspension. If you’re an intermediate to expert suspension technician, then you have the ability to take your suspension to a new level. Introducing RPM’s two stage shock pistons. In a compressed state, the two halves press together to meter the shock fluid through two holes. As the suspension unloads (in the standard config.), the two plates separate, allowing the fluid to flow through multiple holes, which returns the shock to static position at a higher rate. These pistons are the closest things that R/C can get to full sized racing. Don’t be fooled, even the fastest racers in the world are using them, the trick is to get them to admit it! After all, if everyone used them, who would gain the advantage? Maybe you? This set includes twelve piston sets, three sets of four pistons. (red, green, & purple) Best used on tracks with moderate to major obstacles, or on heavier vehicles such as the Stampede, T-Maxx, & E-Maxx. Check out our Piston FAQ page for more information.

Tech Notes: These pistons only fit stock, molded Traxxas shock bodies. Traxxas Big Bore Shocks will require some slight sanding with a fine grit sand-paper on the outside diameter of the pistons to get them to fit properly.

80430 Two Stage Shock Pistons (Med. - Heavy Dampening)  

#80430 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail $6.95

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