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RPM Dirty Danglers  

T-Maxx & E-Maxx Front Bulkheads  

T-Maxx & E-Maxx Rear Bulkheads  

Traxxas Short and Long Rod Ends  

Shock Shaft Guards for Traxxas 1/10th Scale Shocks  

T-Maxx #4907, #4908 & E-Maxx #3905 & #3908 Skid Plate Sets  

T/E-Maxx True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion  

True-Track Replacement Hinge Pin Set  

Pivot Ball Setscrews  

2.5 & 2.5R Head Guard  

T/E-Maxx 1.5 & 2.5 Axle Carriers  

T-Maxx 2.5R / 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8 Axle Carriers  

T-Maxx 2.5R / 3.3 & E-Maxx 16.8 A-arms  

T/E-Maxx Ft. & Rr. Bumpers  

Monster Spider Wheels  

Titan T/E-Maxx Wheels  

Monster Clawz Wheels  

T/E-Maxx Shock Tower & Body Mounts  

T/E-Maxx Long Body Mounts  

Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set  

T/E-Maxx 1.5, 2.5 & 2.5R Skid Plate Sets  

T/E-Maxx 1.5 A-arms  

Bulkhead Braces  

Spring Clips  

Lower Spring Cups  

Two-Stage Shock Pistons  

Product Database  

Traxxas Parts
RPM is a proud American manufacturer designing AND manufacturing 100% of our molded products right here in the USA!

These pages are your ultimate source for RPM T/E-Maxx related parts and information!Bad to the Bone!

To the left, you'll find links to all of the parts RPM currently offers allowing you to build the strongest T/E-Maxx trucks around! RPM knows how to have fun - there's no room for weak parts to spoil a wicked day bashing, crashing, racing, or whatever your pleasure is. We build our parts with the muscle that these trucks need to survive while leaving you with plenty of cash in your pocket. With RPM T/E-Maxx parts protecting your ride, you'll be the one driving while everyone else is broken and on their way home!

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We also have some great information regarding set-up suggestions and frequently asked questions on our FAQ pages of our website.

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