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Short Course Wheels
(2.2" - 3.0")

Spare Tire Carrier for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4x4  

Nerf Bars for the Traxxas Rally & LCG Slash 4x4  

ESC Cage for the Traxxas VXL-3S ESC  

LCG Front Bulkhead for the Slash 4x4 & Rally  

Caster Blocks & Spindle Blocks for the Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4  

Low Visibility Wheelie Bars for the Slash 2wd & 4x4  

Traxxas Short and Long Rod Ends  

Stampede 4x4 Wide Front Bumper  

Shock Shaft Guards for Traxxas 1/10th Scale Shocks  

Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 Front & Rear Shock Towers  

Adjustable Height Body Mounts for the Slash 4x4  

Rear Bearing Carriers for the Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4  

Nerf Bars
for the Slash & Slash 4x4

Slash 4x4 Rear Bumper  

Tail Light Set  

Slash 2wd & Slash 4x4 Mud Flaps  

Slash 4x4 Front Bumper & Skid Plate   

Light Canister Set   

Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 Front & Rear A-arms  

Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set  

Quick Adjust Spring Clips   

Lower Spring Cups  

Two-Stage Shock Pistons  

Snap-Tite Body Saver Washers  

Product Database  



Slash 4x4 Front & Rear Shock Towers
also fits the Stampede 4x4, LCG Kits & Rally
Rear Shock TowerRPM is proud to introduce our front and rear shock towers for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4. These shock towers are designed to take some serious abuse without failing because nothing is worse than having a part break when youíre out having a fun day, whether itís at the local track or at your favorite place to bash.

Structurally, RPM shock towers for the Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 are about as strong as they can be, keeping your suspension moving freely without added flex. However, under extreme crash Front Shock Towersituations, the nature of our proprietary materials allows it to give slightly, absorbing that impact energy to prevent damage to the shock tower and reduce the amount of transferred shock energy to the more fragile differential cases. Our material then returns back to its original shape almost instantly. No other material can do that!

Additionally, RPM shock towers retain the large dust cover ribs that overlap the tops of the differential case, providing an extra layer of protection against dirt and grit not found on many aftermarket shock towers.

RPM Shock Towers for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 are stock replacement parts, molded in black and factory backed by our world-renowned breakage warranty.

70362 Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 Rear Shock Tower
70392 Slash 4x4 & Stampede 4x4 Front Shock Tower


Suggested Retail
$10.95 ea.

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Slash 4x4 Adjustable Height Body Mounts
Also fits the rear on the Stampede 4x4
Slash 4x4 Body MountsRPM Adjustable Height Body Mounts for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 are designed to give you optional body height positions where stock left you none. Our version of the Slash 4x4 body mount starts off lower than stock by 1/8Ē (or approx. 3.2mm). We supply a pair of molded spacers to allow you the option of a stock height body position using the thin spacer under the body mount. If monster suspension travel is needed or you just like the higher stance and larger wheel well openings a taller body mount provides, you can increase the height by 1/8Ē using the thicker of the two spacers. In extreme cases, both spacers may be used for a full 1/4Ē* (6.35mm) of extra body height.


We werenít solely going for looks either. RPM body mounts are just plain tough! We engineered new, larger ribs into the mounts to provide extra rigidity and support for the body while keeping weight to a minimum. We mold these body mounts in black from our proven-tough blend of engineering-grade materials, which provides extra durability and impact-resistance in the most extreme situations.


What's Included: Each kit contains two body posts, one body mount bracket, two spacers and two M3 x 16mm mounting screws. Two kits will be needed to complete one vehicle.


Tech Notes: RPM Body Mounts can be mounted in either the front or rear location on the Traxxas Slash 4x4 & Rally. They can only be used on the rear position on the Stampede 4x4.

* Using both RPM spacers requires longer screws (M3 x 20mm) Ė not included.


73932 Adjustable Height Body Mounts    

#73932 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
$10.95 ea.

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Nerf Bars for the Traxxas Slash & Slash 4x4
(not for use on the Rally or LCG Kits)
Black Nerf BarsNerf bars play an extremely important function in the overall durability of a Short Course racer by protecting the sides of the chassis and fragile body of the truck. A weak nerf bar can expose the body and chassis to severe impact damage from side impacts, roll overís and T-bone crashes, just to name a few.

RPM has once again stepped up to make the most durable and well-designed nerf bar for the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4x4. The RPM nerf bar eliminates the stock hook-over-the-chassis that supports the nerf bar and replaced it with a structural cross rib running parallel to the chassis for optimum rigidity and anti-Blue Nerf Barsdeformation characteristics. By eliminating the hook, installation is easier; the nerf bar doesnít have to be deformed to get it in position and the nerf bar no longer pulls on the side of the chassis when it takes a hit.

We also switched to a full round radius in the compression area of the nerf bar. The stock trapezoidal shape forces too much impact energy into the tiny corner radii near the body support area, usually ending in a break. The RPM nerf barsí full corner radii are huge in comparison and allow a progressive compression of the nerf bar while distributing the impact energy over a much larger area, preventing breakage by design.

Our design element changes, coupled with the best impact absorbing material in the R/C industry, make RPM nerf bars the best Slash and Slash 4x4 nerf bars available!

Tech Notes: RPM Nerf Bars are only tested and guaranteed to fit the stock Traxxas Slash 2wd and Slash 4x4 chassis. They will not work on the LCG Kit or Rally.

80622 Black Nerf Bars - Slash 2wd & 4x4    
80625 Blue Nerf Bars - Slash 2wd & 4x4    


Suggested Retail
$7.95 / pair

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Traxxas Slash 4x4 Rear Bumper
(also fits the LCG kit)
RPM Rear Bumper for the Slash 4x4The 4x4 version of the Slash is another awesome creation from the minds at Traxxas but with a little help from RPM, weíve made it even better! Our new rear bumper is modeled after full-sized short course and desert racing trucks for authentic scale realism, utilizing the same great looking rear bumper as that found on the 2wd version of the RPM rear bumper and making the most of an all-new bumper mount design Chrome on Gray Rear Bumperspecifically for the 4x4. This new mounting system has the perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility to absorb those nasty rear collisions without transferring huge amounts of impact energy into the more fragile components of the chassis. Additionally, with its twin hinge point mounting system, rear A-arm maintenance is a snap. Simply remove the two Superior Skid Protection!bottom-mounted flathead screws and the bumper swivels out of the way for easy access to the rear A-arms! It even allows the rear sway bar to stay in place!


We incorporated a thicker skid plate design that does a fantastic job of protecting the rear end and lower mounting screws from harsh conditions such as gravel and asphalt impacts. The RPM lower mount / skid plate is over 35% thicker than the stock version!


Blue Rear Slash 4x4 BumperWhat more could we do to make these things incredibly realistic? How about mounting points for mud flaps and RPM tail light kits already widely available? Thatís right; these bumpers come stock with mounting positions for RPM mud flaps (RPM #81012 available separately) and RPM Tail Light Kits (RPM #81030 Black Rear Bumper for the Slash 4x4 also available separately). If you havenít seen a Slash with a full set of LEDís running at night, youíre missing out!


RPM rear bumpers for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 are available in three popular color options Ė black, blue and chrome on gray. RPM rear bumpers are sold with all necessary hardware and complete mounting instructions.

80122 Black Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Slash 4x4    
80123 Chrome Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 
80125 Blue Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Slash 4x4    

#8012_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
Black or Blue $14.95 ea.
Chrome on Gray $16.95

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Tail Light Set
RPM Tail Light Set (shown on a 2wd SlashOur bumper and roof light sets for the Traxxas Slash and other short course trucks light up the night quite nicely but what about the back? Well, we now have a true-to-scale tail light set that bolts right on an RPM rear bumper, taking care of the final piece in the night running puzzle. Our tail lights add that concours winning touch for full-scale realism! With a set of bright white lights out front (using RPM light canister sets, of course!) and a set of RPM red tail lights out back, finding your way around at night has never been easier!

What's IncludedOur tail light set comes complete with everything needed to bolt a pair of 3mm LEDís (LEDís not included) to an RPM rear bumper (#80122, #80123 or #80125) including a pair of red tail light lenses, two lens housings and a pair of mounting plates (the RPM mounting plates can be modified to fit other applications such as the Associated SC10 and other short course vehicles as well). The lens housings can also be modified to fit other areas of different vehicles for alternate effects too, such as running a second set of lights as amber RPM Tail Light Set - Installedmarker lights (identical to full-sized short course and Baja racing trucks).

For lighting up whatís out front, we have our light canister sets (RPM #80982 & #80983) as well as our roof-mounted light bar set (RPM #80922, #80923 & #80925). RPM light sets are the best and only alternative for continuing your fun long after the sun sets and the lights go out!

Suggestions: If you don't want to build a set of LED tail lights yourself, please consider www.RC-Lights.com for a drop-in tail light set, no soldering required. They manufacture an RPM recommended brake light kit that gets brighter under braking! You can find the specific kit here. RC-Lights is offering $30.00 off any full LED lighting system to RPM customers. Simply mention the code 'RPM' at checkout.

Tech Notes: 3mm LED lights are not included. The RPM mounting plates and lens housings can be modified to fit any number of applications but warranty restrictions do apply. See instructions for more details. RPM tail light sets are designed specifically for the RPM rear bumper for the Traxxas Slash (RPM #80122, #80123 & #80125). Modifications may be made to make them fit other applications but warranty restrictions may apply.

81030 Tail Light Set for the Traxxas Slash

#81030 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail

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Mud Flap System
(for use with RPM Slash 2wd & 4x4 Rear Bumpers only)
Mud FlapsThe Traxxas Slash (in both 2wd & 4x4 versions) is arguably one of the best and most authentic replicas of a modern Short Course Truck. Unfortunately, it lacks in a critical detail that many other manufacturers have incorporated into their trucks - mud flaps!


That is no longer an issue! RPM now has a mud flap system that integrates with our Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4x4 (RPM #80122, #80123, #80125, #81002, #81003, & #81005). The RPM Mud Flap System uses a pair of molded nylon support arms that bolt to pre-existing holes in the RPM bumperMud Flap Detail supports of our Slash rear bumpers. These support arms hold a pair of well-designed rubber mud flaps that incorporate the molded RPM Logo on one side and are blank on the other. One final touch is a pair of molded screw supports that help prevent the screws from pulling through the soft rubber of the mud flaps.

Tech Notes: The RPM Mud Flap System is designed to work with RPM Rear Bumpers for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4x4 only (RPM #80122, #80123, #80125, #81002, #81003 & #81005). They will not work with stock or other aftermarket rear bumpers.

81012 Mud Flap System for the Slash 2wd & 4x4

#81012 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail

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