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Mock Intake and Blower Set
(fits most 1/8th - 1/10th scale bodies)
Chrome Mock Intake & Blower SetAre you into scale realism on your favorite R/C rides? Perhaps you just dropped some brushless / LiPo power in your ride and want to show off to the world that your car is “supercharged”. We have just the thing to make that happen. Our new Mock Intake & Blower Set will take the scale realism of your favorite muscle car or monster truck to a whole new level and show off that muscle you know it has!

Black Mock Intake & Blower SetThe RPM molded Intake and Blower Set is finely detailed with such finishing touches as blower belt ridges, pulley splines and recessed butterflies in the scoop. Additionally, we made it simple to bolt it on to almost any hood that is relatively flat by angling the entire unit to 7°, a very typical hood slope. That means the blower unit will sit properly and accurately on a wide variety of applications. It all bolts together with only 3 small screws.

Chrome Mock Intake & Blower SetEach RPM Intake & Blower Set comes complete with all the hardware you’ll need to bolt it to your favorite ride (you’ll need to supply your own 1/8” diameter [or 3mm] drill & a 2mm hex driver) and even includes a wide support plate that bolts underneath the body to prevent hard impacts from ripping the blower assembly off of your vehicle.

Block Mock Intake & Blower SetYou already know your ride is ridiculously fast, step up the cool factor with RPM!

Tech Notes: The RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set is for appearance only and is not a functioning unit. RPM warranty restrictions may apply due to the scale nature of the design. Please see the RPM warranty page here for more information.

73412 Mock Intake & Blower Set - Black    
73413 Mock Intake & Blower Set - Chrome    

#7341_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
Black - $9.95
Chrome - $11.95

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Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips
Black Side Exit Exhaust shown installedDetails. They’re what set a custom ride apart from the common, everyday vehicle. Details are what get the attention focused on you and not your competitor. And details are what brought us to build a set of custom mock through-the-body side exhaust tips that add that extra level of scale realism to your favorite 1/10th scale vehicle. RPM exhaust tips look fantastic on everything from Short Course trucks to on-road sedans to late model dirt oval vehicles so no matter what you’re running, they’ll add that level of detail your ride has been missing!

Chrome Side Exit Mock Exhaust TipsRPM Through-The-Body mock exhaust tips are a simple, ultra-lightweight scale accessory designed to look like a set of side exhaust pipes are cut through the body, exiting from some custom flanges that provide a detailed, 3D oval exhaust appearance. Each pipe tip is modeled after a full-sized 3” exhaust, cut on a 45° angle. The flange surrounding the pipe is a clever design that supports the pipe, yet provides a shoulder for the body mount to keep the pipe in place. It’s all backed by a support plate behind the body, held in place with a single 3mm flathead screw.

Black Side Exit Mock Exhaust TipsEach RPM Through-The-Body Mock Side Exhaust Tip kit is made in the USA and comes with 2 complete exhaust tips (one set for each side of the body) and instructions for properly mounting the tips to the body. Simply cut a small oval hole in the body using the supplied template and install. Simple. Easy. Awesome!

Tech Notes: RPM Though-The-Body Mock Side Exhaust Tips are non-functional and cannot be used as a real exhaust system. There must be at least 3/8” of clearance behind the body for this system to install properly without interference with the chassis.

70292 Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips - Black
70293 Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips - Chrome

#7029_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
Black - $8.95 / pair
Chrome - $10.95 / pair

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Narrow Roof Mounted Light Bar Set
Black Narrow Roof LightsOur first roof-mounted light bar sets (#80922, #80923 & #80925) worked on all 1/8th and 1/10th scale Short Course bodies, leaving a huge gap in who could run lights on their vehicles. The RPM Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set cuts a full 2” off of the width, reducing the number of LED light canisters to four and allows virtually anyone running a vehicle with a minimum 4” body width to run LED lights on their vehicle. The list of vehicles this includes is quite extensive, including many popular sellers such as: Traxxas T-Maxx, Traxxas Revo, Traxxas 1/16th scale Mini Slash, Traxxas Rustler, Traxxas Stampede, Associated MGT, Associated T4, HPI Savage, HPI E-Firestorm, HPI E-Firestorm Flux, Losi LST/LST2, Losi XXX-T, Duratrax Evader and many, many more!

Narrow Roof Lights on a T-MaxxThe goal of our Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set was to recreate a scale version of those light bars found in full-sized racing while striving for some reasonable amount of crash-survivability. Our Light Bar Set uses a unique hinged system that in the event of a rollover, the light bar will fold against the body to help reduce impact damage. The light set is designed to bolt to the front windshield of the truck (although with sufficient room, it can be mounted to the rear window as well), keeping the profile low and in the perfect position to light up the night. Each kit comes with a pair of large backing plates that help protect the body where the screws hold the light bar in place.

Each kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, light canisters, molded parts and instructions. The instructions also show how to easily create your own LED light set-up with a few basic electronics skills, some tools and a little patience.

We mold these light bar sets in black and chrome to match or contrast any paint and color scheme.

Suggestions: If you don't want to build a set of LED lights yourself, There are several companies currently making drop-in light sets for the RPM Light Canister Set.

  • RC-Lights makes a drop-in kit specifically for our light canister sets using the main battery pack for power. Please follow this link to RC-Lights for more details. RC-Lights is offering $30.00 off any full LED lighting system to RPM customers. Simply mention the code 'RPM' at checkout.

  • RAMTech-RC also makes a drop-in kit specifically for our light canister sets. Please follow this link to RAMTech-RC for more details.

Tech Notes: LED lights are not included. The RPM Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set can fit any number of applications. Due to the scale appearance of this light bar set, we cannot properly strengthen all aspects of the lights. Therefore, some warranty restrictions may apply. See instructions for complete details.

80782 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set - Black    
80783 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set - Chrome    

#8078_ - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
Black - $15.95
Chrome - $17.95

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Dirty Danglers
Saddle-Sore Pink Danglers on a Traxxas Revo

RPM Dirty Danglers are a cool, funny and unique way to show offAvailable Color Options your pride in your vehicle. Everyone knows when someone says their vehicle “has balls” they mean power. Well, with a set of RPM Dirty Danglers mounted on your vehicle, when you tell someone your truck has balls, you’ll mean it – literally! RPM Dirty Danglers look like a set of real testicles. Are you laughing yet? Yes, they look like mini testicles and are designed to mount to the back of almost any vehicle with a zip tie, screw, wire or chain (mounting hardware not included). We even go so far as to offer them in different color choices. They are available in Saddle-Sore Pink, Burnout Black, Cocky Chrome, D.N.F. Blue, & Ballsy Brass!

Cocky Chrome Danglers on an HPI SavageRPM Dirty Danglers also make a great addition to a key chain for those that want to show off their balls all the time! Dirty Danglers are not sold with mounting hardware so a separate chain or split ring will be needed. Additionally, RPM Dirty Danglers can be made into earrings or a necklace charm for a great gag gift.

Let your pride hang low, real low, with a set of Dirty Danglers from RPM. Your male friends will laugh, your female friends will giggle, but you’ll be the one with balls enough to show them off!
Ballsy Brass Danglers on a Traxxas Stampede
70690 Dirty Danglers - Saddle-Sore Pink    
70692 Dirty Danglers - Burn-Out Black        
70693 Dirty Danglers - Cocky Chrome         
70695 Dirty Danglers - D.N.F. Blue              
70697 Dirty Danglers - Ballsy Brass             

Suggested Retail
All Colors - $7.95
Chrome & Brass Finishes - $9.95

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RPM Pro Logo Decals

RPM White Pro Logo Decals

RPM Black Pro Logo Decals

RPM's logo has received a face-lift to add a bit of flare and bring a touch of class to your new, freshly painted body. RPM Pro Logo decals are sold with two sheets of decals in each package, one sheet of blue on white and one sheet of white on black, for a total of 46 individual logo decals (that's two large 1.5" x 4" decals, 20 medium 5/8" x 1-5/8" decals, and 24 small 3/8" x 1" decals) that will blend in with virtually any paint or color scheme. Show your RPM pride with a set of RPM Logo decals on the outside of your ride while RPM parts protect the inside!

70005 RPM Pro Logo Decals (2 Sheets)    

Suggested Retail  $4.95

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Servo Mounting Posts
Servo Mounting Posts
RPM servo mounting posts have several hole positions available to accommodate large servo-savers and are trimmed down to reduce bulk, yet they mount very sturdily for reduced flex. Sold in pairs with mounting screws included.

70062 Servo Mounting Posts    

Suggested Retail $2.50

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Up-Travel Limiter Clips
Up-Travel Limiter Clips
Accuracy is the key to winning setups, and cut fuel tubing just won’t do the trick. These clips snap over the shock shaft to limit the amount of up-travel in the suspension and are made to the strictest tolerances so that one clip is exactly the same thickness as the next! They come in a set of 16 clips in three different thicknesses.

70311 Up Travel Limiter Clips For All 1/8" Diameter Shock Shafts

Suggested Retail $3.95

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Nylon Nuts
Nylon Nuts
Colored Nylon Nuts!
has finally had it with the price you have to pay to get a good quality nylon nut. In addition, RPM nylon nuts are self-locking! Sets are available for use on 4-40 (or 3mm.), 6-32, or 8-32 (or 4mm.) threads. Available in several bright colors as well as black!

70802 Nylon Nuts, 4-40 or 3mm (8 pieces) - Black
70805 Nylon Nuts, 4-40 or 3mm (8 pieces) - Blue
70807 Nylon Nuts, 4-40 or 3mm (8 pieces) - Yellow
70808 Nylon Nuts, 4-40 or 3mm (8 pieces) - Purple

70822 Nylon Nuts, 6-32 (8 pieces) - Black

70825 Nylon Nuts, 6-32 (8 pieces) - Blue

70827 Nylon Nuts, 6-32 (8 pieces) - Yellow

70828 Nylon Nuts, 6-32 (8 pieces) - Purple

70842 Nylon Nuts, 8-32 or 4mm. (8 pieces) - Black

70845 Nylon Nuts, 8-32 or 4mm. (8 pieces) - Blue

70847 Nylon Nuts, 8-32 or 4mm. (8 pieces) - Yellow

70848 Nylon Nuts, 8-32 or 4mm. (8 pieces) - Purple

Suggested Retail $1.25/set - Black
Suggested Retail $2.50/set - Blue, Yellow, or Purple

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