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Rear Bumper Mount for the HPI Baja 5SC
5SC Rear Bumper MountThe stock rear bumper mount on the HPI Baja 5SC does not allow the use of current, highly popular rear-mounted exhaust pipes. That is no longer an issue! RPM Rear Bumper Mounts use our very popular 5B / 5T rear skid plate, coupled with an all new bumper mounting system that perfectly mates with stock components while keeping the rear bumper in the stock location. However, with an RPM bumper mounting Rear Bumper Mount (Assembled) system installed, you’ll have a large enough gap behind the rear bulkhead to run those rear-mounted pipes you’ve been wanting.

The RPM Rear Bumper Mount for the HPI Baja 5SC is a five-piece design that eliminates the two stock components that would normally interfere with a rear-mounted exhaust pipe. Our bumper mount is designed for strength, durability and exhaust pipe protection and as an added bonus, weighs in more than 5 grams lighter than the stock components they replace!

RPM Rear Bumper Mounts are molded in black in our trademark blend of extremely tough nylons and are backed by our world-renowned limited lifetime breakage warranty.

Shown Installed w/ aftermarket accessories

82312 Rear Bumper Mount for the Baja 5SC   

#82312 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail

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Light Pod Mounts for the HPI Baja 5B
Light Pod Mounts w/ HPI Pods InstalledWithin hours of releasing our Front Bumper for the HPI 5B (#81972), we heard a strong demand for a way to mount some lights to it. The wait is over! Our Light Pod Mounts for the HPI 5B are truly unique. They are sold in pairs to allow up to four HPI light pods (not included) to be mounted to an RPM Front Bumper (sold separately) with two pods affixed to each mount. With their modular design, they are the first and only fully adjustable pod mounts available today. Each pair of light pod mounts can be adjusted individually for both left to right as well as up and down settings. Not all four lights need to be run either. Any combination of lights can be run, from two narrow or two wide light pods, with a number of possible alternative combinations or all four for the ultimate in visibility – that’s a total of 48 – 5mm LEDs burning the night away!

RPM Light Pod MountsWith the lights so far forward, LEDs (not included) mounted in the light pods will project unobstructed light without shadow! Another unique feature available only on RPM lighting products is a foldaway design that in the event of a flip or frontal crash, the LED’s will fold back and down, out of harms way, allowing the bumper and shock tower to take the impact and protecting those expensive LEDs!

Tech Notes: RPM Light Pod Mounts are sold as a pair of mounts only (enough to affix 4 HPI light pods to a vehicle). RPM Front Bumpers (#81972) and HPI light pods and LEDs are not included. RPM Light Pod Mounts are designed for use with RPM bumpers for the HPI Baja 5B but may be mounted anywhere sufficient room and a 4mm screw will allow (some warranty restrictions may apply).

81022 Light Pod Mounts for the 5B    

#81022 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
/ pair

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Front Bumper & Skid Plate for the HPI Baja 5B
Baja 5B Front Bumper & Skid PlateA lack of front-end protection of any R/C vehicle eventually results in hours of down time, replacing expensive chassis components from front-end impacts. The stock set-up on the HPI Baja 5B has virtually no protection up front since the bumper is tucked so far into the front of the vehicle. RPM steps in with some serious protection in the form of an all-new bumper specifically designed for this beast!

Our front bumper is a two-piece design, utilizing a skid plate and separate bumper that can be removed for racing. Each piece has specific design elements incorporated to dramatically improve the strength and durability of the HPI Baja 5B.The RPM skid plate is attached to the chassis with four 5mm screws, not two like the stock version, effectively cutting transferred Baja 5B Front Bumper & Skid Plateimpact energy in half, divided equally among those four screws. Our skid plate also has huge skid rails all along its lower section and is a major part of the impact-absorption system. It extends up, out and away from the chassis, creating a large curved section that acts as a buffer zone that rapidly dissipates impact energy by compressing during a hit, slowing and absorbing that energy without transferring it into the more fragile components of the vehicle. Once the impact force dissipates, the memory characteristics of our trademark blend of RPM nylons will return the bumper to its original position.

The bumper itself is over 6-1/2” wide and is designed to prevent smaller objects such as fence and mailbox poles from slipping in-between the skid plate and the tires. Its added width tops off a perfectly balanced design that is strong, extremely durable and built to last!


81972 Front Bumper & Skid Plate    

#81972 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
$25.95 ea.

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Rear Skid Plate
(fits all versions of the HPI Baja 5B & 5T)
HPI Baja Rear Skid PlateThe stock rear end of the HPI Baja 5B & 5T offers little to no protection to the rear end of these massive vehicles. Additionally, large rear-mounted aftermarket exhaust pipes expose that critical weakness, which could be devastating to those expensive and fragile pipes.

The stock set-up uses a pair of relatively small, curved plastic tubes to support the bottom of the bumper, which provide limited rear-end protection at best. The RPM rear skid plate eliminates that weakness by eliminating those two tubes entirely. We replace them with a large, curved plate with seven huge skid rails measuring 1/4” wide by 3/16” tall that provide unmatched skid and impact resistance to the rear end. A small, open section was left to allow easy access to the clip RPM Rear Skid Plate, Bumper & A-armsholding the stock under-guard in place while closing up most of the back end so nothing can come up from the bottom to hit that expensive, aftermarket exhaust pipe. We also dropped the skid rails parallel to the lowest point on the chassis, helping reduce some of the impacts taken by the chassis and place it where it can be handled much better – by the RPM skid plate!

We made our rear skid plate beefy to handle tail-first landings or rear impacts, yet because it is made from our killer blend of proprietary materials, it can still absorb severe impact energy instead of transferring it into the more fragile and expensive chassis components.

RPM rear skid plates for the HPI Baja 5B & 5T are sold as three-piece kits and come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

Tech Notes: This skid plate replaces HPI stock #85438 (item #4 on the tree). RPM rear skid plates are tested and only guaranteed to fit stock HPI parts and RPM aftermarket accessories.


81992 Rear Skid Plate    

#81992 - Installation Instructions

Suggested Retail
$21.95 ea.

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Rear Bumper
(fits all versions of the HPI Baja 5B & 5T)
Rear Bumper for the 5B / 5TRear impacts & tail first landings with a 5th scale vehicle are sure to do some damage, but not if you put your trust in RPM. Products from RPM are incredibly durable and this new rear bumper for the HPI Baja 5B & 5T is no exception. Minor tweaks have been made to the stock design, improving strength and durability, keeping your rear end in one piece when things get out of hand. Our smoothly contoured shapes not only make our rear bumper design stronger, but also make it look much more finished and aesthetically appealing. Additionally, all stock geometry is retained. We even retained the stock exhaust pipe support wire mounting hole and shelf for those running the HPI aluminum tuned exhaust pipe (HPI #86690).

RPM rear bumpers for the 5B & 5T are inexpensive protection for expensive aftermarket pipes as well. If you spent a small fortune on a tuned pipe that relies on the rear bumper for protection, shouldn’t you depend on a name that has become synonymous with crash survivability? RPM rear bumpers are designed to survive and protect!

RPM rear bumpers are molded in black from our secret blend of superior materials and fit all versions of the HPI 5B and 5T. Confidence inspiring protection that won’t leave your wallet in pain!

Tech Notes: This bumper replaces HPI stock #85420 (item #2 on the tree).


81982 Rear Bumper    

Suggested Retail
$18.95 ea.

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