What screws should I use to bolt my shocks to my new RPM T/E-Maxx A-arms?

Your stock shock mount screws that held your shocks to your old A-arms will work just fine. It may seem like the holes on the RPM T/E-Maxx A-arms are too small but that is simply because they do not have the threads cut into them yet. The hole size in our A-arms is the correct diameter for the stock 3mm. screws. It may seem difficult to get the thread started but that is simply because RPM A-arms are so tough! We recommend starting the threads into the A-arm before you install the A-arms on your truck. This will give you better leverage in a position that’s not quite as awkward as when the A-arms are already mounted on the vehicle. Once the threads are started in each of your A-arms (only three or four threads into the hole are needed), finish the installation of the shock mounting screws after the A-arms are bolted on to the truck.

Don’t forget to install some jam nuts on the back of each bolt to keep the shock mounting screws from pulling out of the holes under hard landings or crashes. What we mean by “jam nut” is any 3mm. nut available that will fit in between the shock mount bosses while still missing the axle. A standard 3mm. nut will work just fine; lock nuts aren’t necessary. The nylon of the A-arm will act as a “nylock” and hold the nut in place as long as the nut is tightened securely against the shock mount boss.

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