I heard RPM chrome parts can be dyed too, is it true and what effect will that create?

Yes, RPM chrome parts are dyeable using the same methods mentioned on the standard dyeing technique page. The following images illustrate a small sampling of what you can do to customize the looks of your RPM chrome parts beyond what we’ve done straight from the factory.

This #80103 T/E-Maxx chrome bumper was dyed using Rit “Kelly Green” #32.


This is a #80093 T/E-Maxx chrome rear bumper with a two tone dye that was dyed partially with Rit “Cardinal Red” #9 and Rit “Purple” #13. We split the colors for a demonstration of the number of color options available for limitless personalization of your RPM parts.


This is an excellent example of what a little creativity can do to spice up a 2.2″ truck wheel. This gold look can be achieved using Rit “Sunshine Orange” #43. We have found that this color will give us a somewhat pumpkin color of orange when we dyed a white wheel, but when a chrome wheel is dyed with this same orange color, as you can see, the effect is quite stunning!

There are quite a few companies producing anodized red aluminum aftermarket parts for several monster trucks and Rit “Cardinal Red” #9 will add that extra bit of flare to your RPM chrome Titan wheels for your ride. This is one of many dazzling color choices you can use to customize any RPM chrome products.

Even our line of Losi Mini-T truck wheels have the versatility of dying options. RPM does not offer our line of Mini-T wheels in our Blue Chrome, yet you can get the exact same effect on your own. This wheel was dyed using Rit “Royal Blue” #29. When placed side by side with one of our Blue Chrome wheels, the color is indistinguishable from one to the next!

Sedans are known for serious customization in the few areas visible on the car. Wheels are excellent platforms for such customization. These RPM #80783 sedan wheels show what some Rit “Purple” #13 dye can do to add that extra bit of bling to an already sweet looking wheel. Placed next to an RPM purple chrome wheel, we couldn’t tell the difference!


Yes, we know, we already showed you green, but these RPM Monster Clawz looked so good in green, we couldn’t resist showing them off. Besides, one of the hottest themes in monster trucks is the Grave Digger look. What better way to help promote that look than with a set of chrome Monster Clawz dyed with Rit “Kelly Green” #32.

Please note: These effects were very simple to acquire but some colors don’t take too well to our chrome. For example, Rit “Golden Yellow” #42 looks great on a white dyeable product but it didn’t color the chrome wheels at all. Another Rit color we weren’t happy with was Rit “Dark Green” #35. On chrome, the effect was entirely too dark and gave off a bluish green effect.
One color we were extremely happy with but could not get a decent photo of was Rit “Black” #15. For some reason, every photo showed them to be light brown but were actually a rich, deep, blackish bronze color which turned out to be one of our favorites.
Essentially, experiment a little with some colors on your own. You should be extremely happy with the results.

Cautionary notes from RPM: We have tested this dye process on RPM chrome wheels only. If you decide to attempt to dye any other manufacturer’s wheels (chrome or natural), you do so at your own risk. Some other manufacturer’s wheels can possibly melt when subjected to the high temperatures of boiling water. Although we have had a 100% success rate when dying our wheels without any negative effects, RPM cannot be held responsible for any negative effects you may encounter.