Can I buy directly from RPM?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer direct sales. Although there are numerous links throughout the RPM website that allow you to purchase our products online, they are not direct sales links to RPM. They take you to Shopatron, an online intermediary that allows RPM to connect you, our loyal customers to a local retailer near you directly through the RPM website.

RPM is affiliated with all of the major distributors in the USA, as well as many international distributors throughout the world. Because of our expansive distribution network, acquiring RPM products is quite simple. We choose to support your local hobby shops by making our products available through their distributors. By purchasing through your local hobby shop, you get the best local information as well as person-to-person technical support. If a local hobby shop is not available, then please consider using our “Add to cart” links placed throughout our website which will connect you to Shopatron.

Retailers: Would you like to receive orders directly from the RPM website? It’s simple and FREE. Retailers are the most important part of the Shopatron network and in the distribution process for RPM. Once you become a Shopatron retailer, you can view RPM orders placed on-line from our website and fulfill orders from your available stock, delivering excellent customer service with an experienced hand. Quality retailers are invited to join the Shopatron network FREE. Acquire new customers. Make additional sales. Learn what RPM products are selling best.