I have an Associated Monster GT. How do I fit RPM T/E-Maxx steering knuckles on my truck?

We have released a set of pivot ball setscrews that are designed to allow the use of RPM T/E-Maxx steering knuckles on your truck. You will need the following parts to install them on your truck:

2 packages – RPM Axle Carriers
2 packages – RPM Pivot Ball Setscrews & Bushing Caps

It is important to note, the stock Associated MGT and the Traxxas T/E-Maxx steering knuckles have identical geometry. This is not some half-baked conversion – it works and it works well. The only differences between the two are in the spacing between the bearings and in the pivot ball setscrew threads. Both of these differences are addressed with our #80010 Pivot Ball Setscrews & Bushing Caps package. Please note, the stock Associated pivot ball setscrews will not work in the RPM axle carriers.

The installation then becomes a simple matter of replacing your stock MGT parts with the replacement parts listed above. Start by noting your current camber and toe angles and then remove the stock axle carriers. Place one of the new RPM oversized bearings supplied with your RPM carriers on to the axle and then sliding your new RPM axle carrier on to the axle as well, followed by one of the new RPM spacers from the #80010 kit, and then placing the second oversized bearing in the axle carrier. The axle spacer must be placed between the two bearings in order for the bearings to roll freely and not bind. Once the axle carrier and bearings are in place, thread the pivot balls into your upper and lower A-Arms through the axle carrier (follow the instructions supplied with your A-Arms if you are installing RPM A-Arms at the same time). Now, press a pivot ball bushing into a pivot ball cap from the #80010 package and carefully thread the cap assembly into the thread on your RPM axle carrier. Start the thread as if you were going to remove the cap (counter-clockwise) until the thread falls into place (this will start it straight to prevent the thread from stripping), and then begin threading the cap in (clockwise). As you get close to threading the cap all the way in, check to be sure there is enough clearance (by moving the carrier in and out until the slop is virtually eliminated) to allow your axle carrier to move freely.
Do this for both pivot ball caps on each carrier, and then at all four corners of the truck. Don’t forget to reattach your toe links at this time as well.

Once you get your wheels & tires reinstalled, now would be a great time to reset your camber and toe angles because they will be off! See our FAQ page regarding toe and camber adjustments for trucks with large diameter tires here or follow the link listed to the left.
With RPM A-Arms and carriers installed, your truck’s suspension with be ready for some serious abuse!

Tech Notes: 4.6SE & 8.0 MGT Owners, we have seen a growing percentage of factory trucks that have the axle drive pins holes in stock axles drilled too close to the bearing. This means when used with RPM axle carriers, there is the possibility the drive pins may not fit. You can fix this by very carefully sanding or grinding a small flat on the axle drive pin and place that flat against the bearing race or by replacing the axles with a reputable aftermarket manufacturer’s version.

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